Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cranley - the Man Who Would Say Anything

Bad to Bizarre
Cranley issues anther salvo of nonsense in his pathetic campaign to drag Cincinnati down the socioeconomic gutter like Greece.
He knows the property tax hike was to deal with funding cuts made by his GOP pals in Columbus. He knows the parking lease is not a sale. He knows parking rates will go up with or without a lease and he knows any hikes will be approved by the city. He knows the mayor has no authority over the Cincinnati Public Schools.
Get back to basics and let nature take it's course? Like do nothing?
Apparently, Cranley does have one trick up his sleeve to help nature take it's course - he wants to rig city bidding to screw white men by claiming that blacks & women in Cincinnati are minorities. Of course, blacks are barely a minority and women are actually a majority.
Cranley - Bad to Bizarre.

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