Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hey, Let's All Go to the Milford Shopping Center !

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune has a pet project. He wants to build a train line from downtown Cincinnati to the Milford shopping center. His partner on the county commissioners, Greg Hartmann ain't on board and says so.
I get taking a train from Newtown or Milford to downtown Cincinnati. There's a ton of stuff to do there and with the streetcar system, the whole basin area is easily traversed.
But who wants to go from Cincinnati to the Milford Shopping Center?


Anonymous said...

1) It has a parking lot. Therefore it's a park & ride.

2) It's a commercial seed for potential TOD. Maybe some dense-ish housing will be built nearby, to house downtown office workers. The pre-existing shopping center is a perk for these people. It's something to build on.

I'm not saying the Oasis line is brilliant, but this is one of the better places it would go.

Quimbob said...

So, you're saying there is no reason to go to Milford.