Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't want a streetcar? Group pitches plan to 'climb on' dirigible

A group pushing for a wingless inflatable dirigible to fly folks around Cincinnati pitched its idea Monday.
Organizers of Climb On Cincinnati presented the dirigible idea to the Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District board of directors during the TID’s monthly meeting.
To avoid the added cost of landing spaces, the group has concocted a plan of just hanging rope ladders so passengers could elegantly climb up & down to the craft that would follow varying routes around town.
"People don't want to be confined by roads & rail and, frankly, the very notion of such a system is downright soccialist, so we are going to fly whenever and wherever we want."
The group only needs to raise $10Z and clear any number of FAA hurdles but believes they can be up & running in time for the next passing of Haley's comet.
Meanwhile, another group, Hop on Cincinatti has proposed a collection of routes covered by short buses.

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