Monday, August 26, 2013


This movie about a guy falling in love with the home secretary computer system thinagamabob has got Glenn Beck in a tizzy. I guess it's just one more of Glenn's harbingers of the apocalypse when a geek falls in love with an annoying voice. Probably would have been better made in Bollywood.
Being a fan of the Star Trek TV shows, I must point out that while I had nominal nominal crush on Nurse Chapel, I never had a crush on the computer voice. Now, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda was a different story altogether.
A much better robot love story would probably be Donna Matrix, a story about a love droid whose programming gets hacked with some military programming to suit the needs of a pathetic masochist but results in a lethal dominatrix / terminator kinda robot that terrorizes the city & requires the military to put down. This would make a great movie in the hands of Robert Rodriguez.
Now, when can we expect a Him movie?

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