Tuesday, October 28, 2014


First I heard of this group was in Pat Buchanan's The Sky is Falling book where he cites a study of the PISA results published by virginiadare.com.
Like the video, it states that US schools ain't bad. But that author breaks things down by ethnicity & points out the US average core is weighed down by African Americans and Hispanics while Euro Americans & Asian Americans have very good scores. He also points out that Hispanics in the US schools did better than Hispanics in Central & South American countries.
So, maybe our schools are doing something right?
Here's one of the graphs that is missing on the site.
As the vdare guy says, there's a ton of data and he does not cite a lot of factors like student wealth or if the kid lives in a rural or urban area. You could break it down to poor rural Asians v. wealthy urban Hispanics, single parent v. double parent, ethnicity of adopted parents & see where it gets you, but the bottom line is not the initial, overall national scores.

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Anonymous said...

It's poverty. Almost a quarter of our children live in poverty. If you look at our schools that serve the other 75%, they stack up just fine.

Also probably special needs. We consider it a civil right that all children receive a free public education. Then, with NCLB and RTTT, we insist they take the same tests as everyone else, no matter what their disability.

It's all smoke and mirrors to dismantle the public school system. The "benefits" are, no more teachers' unions supporting Democrats, a dumbed-down populace, and lots and lots of opportunity for skimming off the top of the privatized system.