Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy 420 Day!

It's looking like legal marijuana finally might have a chance. There are competing measures to legalize marijuana in Ohio. The best one looks like Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis, not to be confused with Responsible Ohio.
Responsible Ohio gives all production rights to 10 lucky farmers, doesn't allow for home growing and appears to address the employer testing nor people incarcerated for simple possession. It does stipulate the distribution of tax revenue & provide for testing/quality control.
Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis addresses the employer testing nor people incarcerated for simple possession, allows for home growing and uses simple licensing for production. Their tax rate is lower & no stipulations are made for tax revenue distribution.
Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis's plan is a lot more free & competitive than Responsible Ohio's, but I don't think home growers should be selling and I like Responsible Ohio's provisions for quality control.
Unfortunately, Responsible Ohio is getting a heap of press and Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis is getting fairly ignored. This seems to indicate BIG $$$$ is behind Responsible Ohio and, as such, a money grab. Using a name so similar to the original's is kinda stinky, too.
Hopefully people ill consider these 2 bills and vote for the one that seems better and not just go off & spastically vote for the first bill to come along.

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