Thursday, April 09, 2015

Taco Hell Delivered

What could go wrong ?
Taco Hell has announced it is thinking about delivering their Juadaperras, Tuscomeenos, Grande Supremos and other delicacies to your door but thy are not sure how.
Since crispy corn tortillas tend to dissolve in grease over time, some dishes would only make it out to the sidewalk. Other dishes in flour tortillas lose their heat rapidly and wouldn't be hot pretty much after they made it to the sidewalk. The thing is, they don't serve hot food in the stores.
So, what to do?
Make the food in the delivery vehicle? Like - like a taco truck ?
Yes, roaming taco trucks using the stores as commissaries would work and, given the popularity of the Hell, they could offer subscriptions! A piping hot spudilla at your door every Tuesday at 7PM !
and you are welcome Taco Hell.

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