Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Covered Girl Challenge

Teenage Muslim girls wanted to get non Muslim girls to wear a hijab for a day in far off Mason, OH. The school announced it like it was a school event and the xenophobic parents went all jihad on the school for trying to convert their kids to Islam. The principal freaked out and the liberty loving patriots prevented their kids from making the free choice to wear a hijab or not.
Why? Would they object to the head gear or clothes of Christian sects?
Some people compared wearing the head gear to forcing a non Christian to wear a crucifix on a necklace. The crucifix is a completely religious symbol. Anybody can wear a scarf.
People, mainly males, claimed the hijab represented the subjugation of women. These same men wanted to prohibit the girls from wearing the hijabs for a day - pretty much subjugating them for their freedom.
yeah, I don't get it.
Here's the deal, tho. Our society is, if not just getting more secular, it's moving from the sacred to the profane. People aren't dressing up and going to churches dripping in symbolism but going to rehabbed warehouses, hardware stores & movie theaters while wearing their street clothes. They don't listen to sacred music, they listen to crappy rock music.
Maybe wearing a 'sacred' garment, from any religion might get a person to examine his spirituality a bit more.
Meanwhile I'm looking forward to the boys wearing a long beard for a day at school.

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