Friday, April 24, 2015

4/25 in Hell Town

Wondering what to do this Saturday?
Here's an idea - get thee to enigmatic Northside where I74 & I75 come together and channel Kentucky bound motorists into the meat grinding death trap of a bridge over the angry swirling waters of the Ohio River.
But why do that when you can spend the day in the lush pleasant valley along the banks of the cool & easy Mill Creek.
What's there to do you ask? Well, you can pull garlic mustard from a nature preserve, pick up trash with the Great American Cleanup, check out the annual record fair at North Presbo, take a carriage ride in Spring Grove Cemetery, check out the liquidation sale at the soon to open Northside Yacht Club, groove to the Queen City Soul Club Dance Party at the Northside Tavern or swoon to the sweet tempos of Kid Stardust at the Comet.
Urban Artifact opened Friday. There's plenty of grub at Golden Tajine, Melt, NYPD, The Kitchen Factory, The Blue Jay, Park Chili, D'Jango Western Taco, Barrio Tequileria (?), Tacocracy, Taco Hell, White Castle, Boswell's, The Littlefield, and more
Don't let the postponement of the cemetery bulb pulling get you down, there's still lotsa fun stuff to do in Section 28!

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Quimbob said...

Did I mention Lord of the Wings over on Montana & West Fork?