Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Racist Facts

This seriously white dude who works with Alex Jones speaks up about racial issues that have been seriously skewed by blacks, white liberals & the sensationalist media.
He goes on about the 'white liberal media' but I think it's more about incendiary & sensationalist fear mongering.
But make no mistake, right wing white racists thrive on this crap.
If the American police is really all about black genocide, they're doing a piss poor job of doing it. Black folks are doing a way better job of black genocide.
But as the announcer says, saying this kind of shit just gets you labelled a racist. Problem with that is - since the allegation is so freely bandied about, it's meaning les & less as time marches on.
Meanwhile black parents have "the talk" with their children telling them white America is out to get them which cannot have any other effect that paranoia & hatred in the kids' fragile eggshell minds...
We really need to sit down & talk about this shit without the crazy preconceptions.
And just to take some of the pressure off the situation?
My life doesn't matter.

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