Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let the Fat Lady Sing !

There's pretty much no place more associated with finality than a cemetery, so an opera performance in Bucharest’s Bellu Cemetery makes perfect sense.
This would be really cool in Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery.
In the past, their Lantern Lighting event focussed on international music. This year they will have The Pete Wagner Orchestra which plays old pop tunes. The Drive In event plays recorded pop/rock music.
I think opera, real opera, not the operetta that will be performed in Bucharest, would fill the hills & trees very nicely.
A Lumenosity thing would be kinda cool in the cemetery, too but the added logistics might be a bit much. And, again, that's pop music. I think the old cemetery with it's sacred roots deserves older music.
And it would be even better if I-75 could be shut down for the event.

Read more about the Bellu event here.

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