Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Man? The Garbage Man

Cincinnati sanitation workers will start issuing tickets & fines in June.
I'm not sure I understand. Seems like they could just not pick up the trash if it's wrong (they flat out don't pick up pianos). In all the publicity I have seen no mention of how to pay the fine & how to challenge the fine.
Why would I want to challenge a fine?
Well, these aren't the smartest cats out there and think about the sanitation worker who claimed then councilman Chris Bortz of threatening to shoot him. That guy is going to be issuing tickets? These guys aren't trained like police and their task is hardly as simple as a meter maid's. Red light cameras would be preferable to this scheme. They are geared towards safety & have trained officers monitoring them. This is pretty clearly a money grab by the city going after the low hanging fruit of home owners.
Now, can I ticket the sanitation workers who leave my cart out in the street?

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