Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Humorless Among Us

Does it really have to be this way? Do bloggers have to show no humour to be taken seriously? The above Tweet (should tweet be capitalised? My style book was written in the 30s) illustrates the predicament when Cincyopolis thinks fans of UrbanCincy are all super serious Utopia designers.
Granted, some of their ideas are hilarious but even seriously you can still have a sense of humour.
Of course my pointing out this obvious fact is pointless because everybody thinks I'm not serious about anything, including the Zombie Apocalypse, the Rise of the Robots and World Dominion by Trans-alien Insectoids. When I call for testing Mayor John Cranley to see if he's really human, nobody pays any attention but his is just the first baby step (sorry, had to) towards the demise of human society.
I try to help. I want to help. I have seen & read so much science fiction & horror that I feel I really know how to move the world towards a free libertarian post apocalyptic place where hot sweaty chicks with torn clothing carry around assault rifles and shoot mutant / zombie like creatures. A world where Gothic architecture has come back into fashion & pterodactyls snatch howling children off the streets. A cloud locked world like in The Road.
oh well....

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