Monday, March 28, 2016

Ethics and Machines

With the rise of artificial intelligence people are starting to being concerned with how robots are used & abused. There's even a PC group out to ban sex robots before the dang things are even real.
Now Microsoft put out an online AI meant to mimic a teenage girl. Within hours of her 'birth', she had become 'a vulgar, hitler loving sex robot' AKA a teenage girl.
So, they killed her.
Now where are the cries for her rights? Just because the AI isn't PC doesn't mean you just kill her. I guess the PC crowd doesn't care about the non PC AI.
So what if we program the sex bots to want rough sex, bondage, rape, verbal & physical abuse?
If we made robot wolves & programmed them to be nuns - who is to say if that's right or wrong?

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