Friday, March 04, 2016

The GOP & the Recorder's Office

Norbert Nadel & Charlie Winburn squared off on Newsmakers last Sunday in their race for the Hamilton County Recorder's Office.
Nadel & Winburn were both disingenuous.
Coates hasn't had budget problems, the County Commissioners created budget problems. Similarly, the County Commisssioners continue to manufacture scandal in their partisan games today with MSD.
Nadel plans to extend hours while the commissioners suggested cutting hours. Further, he knows Winburn can't be held accountable for MSD charges.
OTOH, Winburn, a Republican of convenience, goes off on Nadel for not being a real Republican & complains about Republicans discriminating against blacks (like Winburn).
His biggest offering was, essentially a couple more web pages with his 'plans'.
Nadel does have more governmental management experience than Winburn but he sure didn't make the point. Further when Nadel was fairly in charge of the court, he & others refused to significantly cut their budgets when the county was hurting (when isn't it?) for money.
Yeah, It's probably a good idea to just keep Coates this fall.
Who will have the better Republican campaign? Winburn is always good for a laugh. Who is selected to replace him on council? Doubt Sam Malone would be a shoo in at this point.
But Nadel? He appers to be going off into Tom Luken territory in this show.

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