Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Protected" Bike Lanes

In a dizzying dissemination of data, Cap'n Fink makes it clear that the introduction of "protected" bike lanes on Cincinnati's Central Parkway has resulted in an approximately 60% increase in car on car collisions but also a 100% increase in car on bike collisions.
While the media has cried about the number of parked cars being clobbered, there were, apparently, only 6.
Could the increase in bike collisions be attributed to there just being more cyclists?
Could the increased number of car on car collisions be due to continuing to issue drivers licenses to the lowest common denominator?
dunno - but this is not the result we wanted & the number of car on bike collisions before the lanes were installed bear out that the infrastructure was unnecessary in the first place.

To find out more and some histrionics about how the bike lanes endanger not just the children but also Cincinnati's finest, click here.

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