Sunday, March 06, 2016

How Much $%#@! Parking Do We Need ?

The city of Cincinnati requires massive amounts of automobile parking for office space in the basin.
The thing is, we have many residential neighborhoods in close proximity to the basin, a bus system that serves those areas pretty well & a bike system with potential to serve those areas well in the future.
Requiring the additional parking in the basin is counter productive, unnecessary, expensive & redundant.
We need more population in the city - the inner suburbs as well as the basin and eliminating these parking requirements is a good way to go about it. Use the car for things other than commuting and use alternative commuting methods for the relatively short commute within the city.
This rezoning makes perfect sense & the policy is the right direction to take to pull our city, the downtown & neighborhoods, together.
If people need trheir shiny little cars 100% of the time, let them deal with it themselves.

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