Monday, June 13, 2011

Job Security ?

Looking for job security> Get onboard the road crew redoing Hamilton Avenue. In almost 4 years they have yet to complete resurfacing 1.2 miles between Groesbeck and Ashtree. The right turn lane from eastbound Ashtree onto southbound Hamilton has been closed & under construction for over a month. At this blistering pace, the entire city of Cincinnati could be repaved / paved by the year 5000. You want to talk about boondoggles…..
hell, maybe Tom Luken just likes watching men working with big machines.


Mark Miller said...

Ditto Madison Road through Oakley. Local merchants got so sick of it they pressured City Hall into back-burnering construction through this past holiday season. Destruction's back in full gear with no end in sight.

These are the same city departments that Mallory insists will relocate 100+ years of accumulated utilities AND install a new streetcar, in under 2 years. Yeah, right.

Hurry-up and build it.

Quimbob said...

After the devastating earthquake in L.A. (Northridge?), the swift repair of their highways caught the attention of midwesterners who had been led to believe the slow work of their road crews was normal. A fire was lit under their collective asses & road work in Ohio started taking about half as much time as usual. I was hoping Japan's amazing repair work after their last earthquake & tsunami might have inspired local crews but - no go.