Saturday, July 02, 2011

It's All About Safety

From the Globe Gazette:
Little Amyrillis Vermont was trampled to death by the Thompson High School marching band after rushing out into the street chasing candy thrown out by the local Shriners in the Independence Day Parade.
"It was awful" commented Alma Hix, "First it was the trombones, then the cornets and then the reeds. oh God, the reeds…
"It was relentless" claimed Ewart Dunlop
"The Thompson High offensive line has nothing on the marching band", quipped Mayor Shinn.

Sound kinda nuts? That's because it is. Even though area officials know of no "candy-related injuries" at parades they are banning the practice of parade participants throwing candy out to kids due to pressure from our shadow government, the insurance industry.
An organizer in Kettering cited a child being injured rushing into a parade to greet her parents. No candy involved. Maybe the solution is a minimum age for parade attendees. Shackles for minors has always been a good idea in my mind. Maybe chicken wire along the parade route. Maybe everyone should sit at home and watch parade entries walk past a camera in a studio in front of a green screen. Viewers could then select the background of their choice.
ugh - how much safety do we need?

Noose Son story here.

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Twin Lords said...

or maybe, we should quit the parades altogether what as waste :D