Friday, August 24, 2012

A Serious Wang Dang Doodle
On a late afternoon on the infelicitous day of August 24, 410, 300 slaves, young men recently granted to the patriarchs of Rome by Alaric, sneaked out of their masters' homes murdered the guards at the Slarian gate and let in hundreds of Alaric's Visigoth soldiers who began a sack of The Eternal City that would last 3 days and, although Rome was no longer the capitol of the Western Roman Empire, it would be regarded as the death knell for the Empire.
The bad thing was, Alaric was in league with the Roman empire. But Alaric knew he would conquer the eternal city eventually because it had been prophesied. well, ok then
He was also a good Christian so he told his soldiers to leave any churches & their inhabitants alone. Religious artifacts that were Christian in nature were off limits, too.
Alaric had high hopes & ambitions but shortly after this rather momentous act, he got sick & died. The Visigoths were never quite the same again.

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Mark said...

I guess if your city is getting sacked, that's the way to do it.