Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bike paths! Bike lanes! It's not safe for cyclists on the roadway!
Motorists suck at what they do. It's dangerous to walk across an intersection with a marked pathway, walk lights & traffic lights. Is the future a place where we can only travel in armour?
About 100 years ago when there weren't many cars on the road about 0.00000047% of the population died in the roadway. Today it's around 0.000110737% and THAT is an improvement over the last several decades. The problem is the addicting automobile and the cyborg mentality of motordom. The threatening rise of the robots ain't gonna look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's going to look like your sibs.
FWIW, in this article about Death Cafes, the chick says we have avoided talking about death more over the last 100 years than in prior centuries. Could this have anything to do with the carnage that we have seen on the road in the same time span?

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