Saturday, September 22, 2012

Keep Tellin' Yourself That, Al
Back in May the Holy HamCoGOP filed a frivolous ethics complaint against Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco over a goof her old man made on her website that was fixed within hours of it's commitence. The complaint was subsequently tossed out. But, still, Blessed Chairman Triantafilou of the Holy HamCoGOP continues to hammer away at Dr Sammarco's ethics while stumping for his cousin, Pete Kambelos, who wants the job. In a fluff piece about Dr Sammarco helping chronically ill people at a political rally (something that would never happen to the genetically superior Holy Knights of the GOP), Blessed Chairman Triantafilou comes up with this ominous bullshit:
'We've had to challenge her lies before the Ohio Elections Commission because of her inability to be truthful in campaign advertisements.'
and this doozy
'[the] failed experiment by the Democrats in the Coroner's office needs to be fixed'
Yes, because, while the work of the Holy GOP is the work of God on Earth, the Wicked Democrats are self serving social vivisectionists……
Let's face it folks, the GOP has become an amoral apocalyptic death cult.
As I pointed out in a previous post the Holy Order of the HamCoGOP is following the guidance of (pagan) Quintus Tullius Cicero who suggested to his brother Marcus Cicero back in 64 BC that he produce any kind of scandal that might intimidate or injure his opponent - that he need not take his opponent to trial, but that the accusations would stick and do harm regardless. And, of course repeating the claim over and over can't hurt in furthering the Triantafilou dynasty.
Meanwhile Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco just keeps helping those in need. ugh….

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