Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Stop Gap Solution
With the HamCo Sherriff predicting the the loss of 500 beds in the local jail, it might be time to start thinking of other ways to deal with the anti-social types. Tent jails have been suggested, home incarceration has been used. Slacking off on victimless crimes has been tried. There's always a debate on safety, punishment & rehabilitation & nobody seems to like my ideas on re-introducing torture, so maybe we should just go all Judge Dredd & commence to shootin'. It's not punishment I'm after here. It's safety. And while some might be leery of allowing police to kill perps without any real oversight - I think it's important to note this proposal is meant as a temporary measure till the Great Masters Romney & Kasich can wave their magic wands & return prosperity to the green and pleasant fields of America. Maybe sunset the plan in 2014?
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Quimbob said...

ugh - rape victims are the worst

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