Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sane Letter of the Day
Today's sane letter to the editor at the Fishwarp is from Sue Mehne of Delhi Township & titled Unhappy? Try turning to third-party candidate.
bingo - break the cycle
The first comment is from a guy in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin who, for some reason, reads the Cincinnati Enquirer online - freak. He recommends voting for the theocratic Constitution party's Virgil Goode. While I don't support Goode, it seems the neo-con tea bag religionist revisionists should. He supports everything they mouth off about but these baggers insist on voting Rebloodlican. Like the Illuminati, they can't be content forming their own or joining a like minded cabal, they have to conquer & pervert somebody else's organization like some poisonous symbiont.
The corporate lamestream parties are dead. Voting for their candidates is like voting for zombies. They might seem cool to hang around with but they're just going to eat your brains. We need to start voting 3rd party - break the cycle.
Gary Johnson L
Virgil Goode C
Jill Stein G

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