Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fishwarp Claims Hamilton County Needs a New Vision
Talk about the blind leading the blind…
So what the hell, I'll chime in too.
Portune is a mature, reasonable, experienced adult. But his vision is getting kinda stale. Hartmann, though less experienced seems to also be a mature adult but he seems kinda short sighted. Monzel is an utterly useless ideologue with no vision at all.
I agree with the Fishwarp, but with these 3, we can't expect much if anything at this point. But they are virtually unchallenged in the upcoming election.
I endorsed Hartmann & Portune but I'm kinda thinking about voting for neither them nor Portune's challenger. Unfortunately, I don't think any of these guys count their votes. They either win or lose and consider either a mandate.

Fishwarp's pay article here

Gannett really oughtta be paying me for driving so much traffic to their site…….

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