Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wendy - Another Year Older
Wendy's has updated their graphics - both Wendy & her signature. The changes in Wendy are kinda interesting. She seems to be wearing the same blouse but it's been cropped off to hide the old timey fashion. The big difference is that she seems to be holding her head high instead of looking up - head slightly bowed. The eyes seem to be the big difference. Well, ok, that & the angle of her eyebrows & pigtail ribbons.
But the biggest difference is the shitty type. I can see ditching the old type which went out of style decades ago but for this? gah
There was a phase around 1970 where 'old timey' was in. Silent movies had a resurgence in popularity. The movie Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid was huge. But that went out by the mid 70s. While the restaurant's decor has changed & the menu has expanded the graphics did just kinda sit there. I guess it's about time for a change & Wendy looks ok (and a new blouse would be AOK) but that type is seriously lame.
Does anybody even wear pigtails anymore? The Little Mermaid chick might have been a better way to go on the hair.

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Quimbob said...

I am sure Wendy could use some pearls.