Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lipstick on a Pig
Horrible service, brain dead employees….
From the Fishwarp:
Queen City Centre Kroger store is poised for a $4.5 million facelift starting by early next year.
What they need to do is educate employees. Routinely blocking the bike rack is ridiculous. The recent reorganization of the wine section is an example of complete incompetence. The racist BS in the deli is unacceptable. The butchers not knowing what calf's liver is is utterly astonishing. Not keeping the electric scooter cart things charged is lame. Spreading related items across the store is maybe a good strategy but is insulting to the customer.
But then the customer is generally treated as a nuisance to be eradicated & if service is the best way to get the customer out the door, well, ok. Filthy bathrooms, arrogant customer service desk reps, shitty selection, slow, inattentive clerks, and the solution is a $4.5M facelift?
Keller's IGA in Clifton, with inferior facilities, was always like a breath of fresh air compared to the dumbassery of the Queen City Centre Kroger. Talk about some misplaced priorities.

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