Monday, October 22, 2012

Ohio Teabaggers Challenges for Naught
Well, except if their purpose is harassment….
Texas based TeaBag group challenges 1,800 Ohio voters & comes up with next to nothing. Some of the challenges had already ben caught by local BOEs.
'No one at our office, and some have worked there for decades, could remember seeing so many challenges at one time,' said Franklin County board spokesman Ben Piscitelli.
Franklin County dismissed all the challenges as did Butler, Lucas & Cuyahoga.
It seems as though some groups are filing these challenges based on very scant evidence and in doing so they’re walking right up to the edge of voter intimidation,' said Ellis Jacobs, an attorney with the Miami Valley Voter Protection Coalition. 'Unfortunately they don't seem to take very seriously people’s right to vote.
One couple targeted by the Barely Legal vigilantes were a pair of entrepreneurs who travelev around the country selling jewelry at renaissance fairs.
Reaa the whole mess at the Springfield Noose Son ~ for free!
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