Sunday, October 21, 2012

Racism and Intimidation ?
A billboard in Clevo essentially states facts. It was paid for by an out of state organization that, apparently, just loves Ohio. But groups up there claimed the billboards were tantamount to racism & intimidation & wanted the billboards taken down. When the billboard owners, Fear Charnel, found an issue with their clients anonymity they did remove the billboards. It says on the billboards who sponsored them so I don't understand the anonymity thing.
Thing is, if you run around making frivolous claims of racism & intimidation, people will stop taking you seriously. It's happened with the GOP's hyperbole over voter fraud. I say, let 'em post their pointless billboards - they're only wasting their own money. If you're afraid you are committing voter fraud - you probably are.

Plane Dealer article here

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