Tuesday, November 13, 2012

America - Love It or Leave It
The White House has this goofy Petition Page where anybody can make a petition & anybody can sign it. A number of petitions are asking for the right to peacefully secede from the United States. There's also a petition to Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them.
Interestingly, quite a few signatories of these petitions are not from the states desiring secessions. That is - if you don't like a state, you can pretty much set up a petition to kick 'em out.
A number of the states with petitions are top receiver states, like, Alaska #5, Louisiana #8, Mississippi #6, Missouri #4. New York, a top donor state but currently receiving billions in disaster aid & set to need more as ocean levels rise is on the list. Louisiana is in a similar situation but already a top receiver state. If you look at electoral votes, a Democrip might want to off Texas & a Rebloodlican might want to drop off California.
Dunno why Cincinnati isn't on there trying to become it's own nation. THAT would be cool.

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