Thursday, November 08, 2012

As Rebloodlicans wail, gnash their teeth & take swipes at each other over their recent losses, it's interesting to see their ideas for solutions.
Reinvent conservatism? Dunno, sounds kinda oxymoronic to me.
A crew of right wing special interest groups on C-Span were babbling about getting even crazier. And then there's all the end of humanity crap.
Get a grip, people. Maybe younger people & dark skinned people just don't like your militaristic, religionist, sexist, racist, fascist BS getting rammed down their throats.
My recommendation? No, don't retire & walk off into the desert like the Lebanon Tease beg Democrips to do - get back to what conservatism originally was. You know, when people embraced liberality?
Or how about being old school Republicans? Instead of raping every inch of the nation, maybe try conserving the place ala Teddy Roosevelt? Maybe, like Roosevelt & Eisenhower, make some long term investments in infrastructure?
Yeah, I know - not gonna happen, because the Republican Party is now the party of disaffected right wing southern Democrats. There is no 'getting back' unless you employ Victor Frankenstein or something.
oh well, embrace you extinction.


5chw4r7z said...

Every complaint I've seen really boils down to one thing. They failed to get their message out, that they were going to gut everything to give rich people tax cuts. Romney hammered that home constantly.
And they're actually surprised large groups of people did not vote for them?

Quimbob said...

5chw4r7z, aren't you registered Republican? I am. At this point it's just to try to weed out some of the crazy in the primaries, tho.
It's only by chance that I have ever voted straight party line.

5chw4r7z said...

Yes, and I feel like the Republican party turned its back on me.
This is the first time I've voted Democrat for president.