Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boycott Papa John's ?
The Fishwarp is asking if people should boycott Papa John's since the owner threatened employees with layoffs if Obama got re-elected. Essentially telling them to vote Romney.
The Papa John's by me used to have a great manager. A young man who 'got it' & produced great pies & maintained great service.
Nowadays, they suck. Last pie I got was garbage. The delivery sucked. Their insane desire to force you to order online drives me up a wall. So I will be boycotting them for awhile - til they figure out how to do their job at least.
However, for all you people supporting the douchebag who runs the chain? Bear in mind he doesn't pay for shit & his employees rely on tips. So when you flood the stores with orders for pizza, please be prepared to tip well & be ready for the delivery so you don't waste the delivery person's time. Quantity of deliveries = $$ to the delivery guys. Papa John's boss doesn't support his employees. That's up to you.

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