Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ohio Issue 2
The Republicrats have given us Romnabama this year for president. Romnabama has promised millions of new jobs in the next 4 years. But economist & business wonks have predicted millions of jobs over the next 4 years as well. Romnabama might as well be predicting the sun will return in the morning.
What's more important in this election is congressional races but with 87% of them being uncompetitive due to gerrymandering there's not much to vote for. In Cincinnati there is absolutely no point to vote for a congressman - it's been decided.
Ohio Issue 2 is very important in opening up the districting process by taking it out of the hands of the people who benefit from it the most. Currently it's tantamount to giving an alcoholic night watchman duty at a liquor store.
It may not be perfect but currently our system is fucked. We can tweak a new system later - now it is run by unaccountable politicians in back rooms.

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