Friday, January 25, 2013

Jim Berns for Mayor ?
Jim Berns a DAAP codger & a Libertarian has filed his signatures to run for mayor of Cincinnati. This means we will have a mayoral primary in order to whittle the pool down to 2 candidates. Berns is opposed to the primary and I agree with him on that. He might even be able to change that bit of legislation. He also advocates gay equality & legal, regulated marijuana. A municipal official can't do much there, however.
I've Babbled about this before, but the libertarian philosophy is much better suited to the Federal level than the municipal level. It is best suited for a President. As you get closer & closer to the municipal level you have to deal with nuts, bolts & fire extinguishing. In my contention that a libertarian leader should work as a matchmaker for the private sector, I wonder if someone like Berns has those skills or even desire.
Laissez-faire is a different thing on the macro & micro levels.

Noose Record article here

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Anonymous said...

A mayor can push for marijuana being the "lowest law enforcement priority," as has been done in some cities around the country (e.g. Seattle did this long before the recent legalization in the state). I don't think a libertarian approach would do much for gay rights in the city beyond what is already done, since doing more would likely involve more government regulations.