Monday, January 28, 2013

Should Debe Terhar Resign ?
Debe (dēb?) Terhar shared a PhaseBuch meme comparing Hitler to O'Bama. I don't know which one but I am thinking it's one a vegetarian O'Bama hating 'friend' of mine posted. If I knew for sure which one it were, I would post it here.
The Tea Party O'Bama hating fete is pretty bizarre. I'm surprised they never depict him as Voodoo with some weird commie stylized veve.
If Terhar had circulated the image in a mere email to select friends it would be a non issue.
There are people calling on Terhar to cede her post but I kinda like the rede a Fishwarp commenter offered.
Indeed, as a person in education, an essay contrasting Hitler's & O'Bama's gun control policies would be a good idea. People frequently argue that Hitler disarmed the Germans in 1938 but he only disarmed the Jewish people - he liberalized gun laws on the rest of the population. O'Bama? He ain't done nothing - yet.
She should also write an essay on using social media.
History, modern policy & social media are all concerns for today's schoolkids, if a president of the state schoolboard isn't up to speed on these things, she needs to go.


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a total bitch, but the post seems rather harmless. Hyperbole, nothing more. Not that it isn't idiotic. But if we booted people out of office for acting like idiots, we wouldn't really have (m)any leaders left.

Quimbob said...

I think she could stay on the board but relinquish the presidency.