Friday, January 04, 2013

Pelosi Again ?
While the Rebloodlicans have defined themselves as the party of crazy, the Dmocrips have done a great job of seizing the mantle of the party of dumbassedness.
In the last couple elections Rebloodlicans have made a habit of running against Pelosi & not their actual political rivals. Steve Chabot barely mentioned Steve Driehaus, but made a lot of noise about Pelosi. The thing is, she's become a liability for other members of the party.
I don't know who'd they would put in charge & I don't think it's particularly her fault and, since I'm not a Democrip I really don't care. Boehner, as a Republican leader is actually doing a pretty good job of herding the GOP - a job akin to herding cats. I doubt he's a liability to most Rebloodlicans, tho.

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