Saturday, January 12, 2013

School Danger
How dangerous are America's schools? Do we need assault teams mounted atop the schoolhouses? Armed teachers? WCPO reportsCincinnati Public schools has decided to go ask ALICE.
Looking at the numbers, however, your kid has about a .0001224899598% chance of getting murdered at school & a lot of that has to do with the recent horrific massacre in Newtown. Taking that out of the equation your kid has a .0000702811245% chance of not coming home.
But getting to school? On a bus your kid has a .0002307692308% chance of dying. That's about twice as likely as a murder but doesn't take into account car accidents & those deaths are probably all operator error and not due to anger, jealous rages or mental illness.
So, by all means, let's arm & train our teachers (& pay them accordingly for their new skills & responsibilities), make schools more like prisons than they already are, employ more armed guards & make our kids utterly paranoid so we can create more mentally ill people who might go out & massacre folk.

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