Friday, January 04, 2013

The City of Cincinnati MUST Hire an Exorcist NOW !
How many businesses have to fail at 7th & Race before the city admits the place is cursed? The latest looking at moving or closing is the fairly itinerant Blue Wisp Jazz Club. I have been to this location in a number of incarnations & it is just unbelievable. The presence of some evil force is palpable. Clearly the problem is rooted in the kitchen but it permeates the whole facility & who knows what mischief it has wreaked in the rest of the building which is apparently owned by the city.
It is only a matter of time til we start having problems in the Washington Park garage. It was never ghost proofed which is about dumber than poop when you bury a garage in a cemetery.
Maybe Winburn can pull something off with a bag of salt.

Business Courier article here


5chw4r7z said...

From what I've heard from friends in the business is that the space is too big, it needs split in half.
Looking at it from a man on the street point of view the place has eight residential building within a block, crazy someone can't make a go of it.

Quimbob said...

Not crazy at all - IT'S CURSED!!