Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Gift to Cincinnati
Because I'm a nice guy I decided to do some divination for the town I call home nowadays. Although it's not exactly a rosy outlook for 2013 - to be forewarned is to be forearmed.
I used a standard pentacle spread applying 5 elements to the points.
In the spirit position I got the 8 of Pentacles, 'Prudence', in Hod, the Sun is in Virgo.
In the Fire position I pulled up the Knight of Pentacles
In the Air position, I drew 10 - the Wheel of Fortune which is generally attributed to Saturn.
In the water position, I turned up 4 - the Emperor, associated with everybody's fave, Ares.
Finally, in the Earth position, I was presented with the 9 of Swords, 'Despair & Cruelty', in Yesod with Mars in Gemini ~yikes~
So, I think it's pretty clear financial matters and some strong emotions & personalities are going to be the way of '13 here in Porkopolis.
Did I really have to shuffle up some cards to know this???

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