Friday, June 14, 2013

How Much Will Hamilton County GOP Obstruction Cost Us ?
Recently the hard core liberal unionist Chris Seelbach proposed on Cincinnati City Council, that the city adopt an onerous policy that fairly shuts out non union contractors doing business with the city. His bill also wants contractors to fund a "pre-apprenticeship" program. This amounts to remedial education crap - the stuff taxpayers already paid for when they funded the public school system.
The poop hit the fan, however when MSD got the ok from the EPA to go forward with some projects mandated by the federal agency and do nothing showboating Hamilton County Commissioners led by the worst commissioner in recent history, Kid Monzel, decided to institute a work stoppage til he could impose his will on the city of Cincinnati.
The MSD is a Hamilton County owned entity managed by the City of Cincinnati which owns significant assets used by MSD. This agreement has existed for 45 years & expires in 5. Clearly the Hamilton County GOP is gearing up for some power grabs. Still, Hamilton County should be used to lousy deals by now and we should only expect more bad deals from them in 5 years.
In a meeting of Cincinnati Council's pointless Jobs Creation Committee, pretty much the Chris & Charlie show, the two possibly mentally ill council members claimed the county work stoppage was the city's fault and peppered the MSD rep with inane, leading questions about what HE was going to do. He repeatedly explained, he had to wait for the two legislative bodies to figure it out.
But he also stated that the work stoppage will result in higher costs as grants expire, construction moves into the winter & EPA deadlines are missed. Why would Hamilton County Commissioners do this to the ratepayers? Good question. Why would City Council lay the added expenses of their overbearing "Responsible Bidder" policy on rate payers? Another good question.
This is a prime example of power mad radical ideologues paralyzing and punishing The people they are supposed to represent.
Seelbach, Smitherman, Winburn & Monzel need to go.
6/14/13 UPDATE:The Fishwarp investigates Monzel's reckless grandstanding here

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