Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What if Victor Frankenstein Had to Answer to a Board of Directors ?
Well, ok, Vic kinda did & his old prof told him to stop, but bear with me - what if a board of profit minded guys with business degrees were calling the shots on how Frankenstein built his "monster". Kind of appears to be what Brad Pitt has run into with the much anticipated World War Z.
The first reviews aren't too good and they're pretty much missing the zombie wave.
Granted, British critics love to tear down anything, the whole zombie movie thing is pretty much based on low budget films made by individuals or small groups of like minded horror geeks. This massive high tech monstrosity is a day late & a few hundred million dollars overboard. Zombies on a plane? That would be an entire Troma movie….
I can wait to see this & I will, but a Frankenstein's monster, played by Pitt, wearing an outfit festooned with his corporate sponsors' logos would probably be a lot scarier.

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