Wednesday, June 12, 2013

John Cranley
~ DINO ~
Bad to Bizarre

Cincinnati Republicans have decided the fiscally irresponsible, opportunist, pro-police-state John Cranley is the way to go. Cranley - "I'll take anything I can get".
As the Cincinnati Blog points out, Cranley Tweets like a Republican.
  • 21 retweets of Republican politicians, all of them ideological
  • 70 tweets that are critical of Mayor Mallory
  • 2 tweets that express Democratic ideology
  • 29 retweets of negative news stories (about city Democratic leadership)
  • 1 retweet of positive news stories
While Cranley claims to be a solid Democrat, his associations speak otherwise. heck, an ex Hamilton County GOP chairman is hosting a fundraiser for the guy and Cranley's endorsing Republicans for city council. At least Jeff Berding is no longer identifying himself with the Democrats. I guess the opportunistic Cranley just doesn't want to wean himself off of that bit of support, tho…
While some equate parties with political leanings of liberal & conservative, it doesn't really work that way. I have a lot more respect for people who just go independent as opposed to opportunists like Kenny Blackwell who just go for the best deal. I couldn't care less what Cranley's official party is but his dishonesty in the issue is unacceptable.

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