Sunday, June 16, 2013

Republican Men Tighten the Chains on Ohio Women a Little More
Republican males, recognizing their natural superiority over women, have concocted new rules to keep them under control. Smaller, less intrusive government, personal liberty were what they promised - slavery is what politicians like Blessing, Maag & Terhar, the usual suspects, are delivering. As these males lead Ohio into the middle ages, it has been deemed that their theology shall be the basis of Ohio law.
Gone is comprehensive family planning in favor of dogmatic behavioral modification. Gone is respecting free will with interminable delays and added costs. People who wish to aid the wishes of women with minds of their own? Million dollar fines !
Because women can't be trusted to make reasonable decisions with their own bodies & lives, they will now have to wait twice as long to have procedures done than now. They will have to take a litany of tests & contend with countless state mandated lectures. Risks to womens' lives will be of less importance than ever.
Private clinics will no longer affiliate themselves with public hospitals and state bureaucrats will be able to close them without accountability.
Motherhood is not to be respected, it is to be mandated.

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