Monday, June 24, 2013

WWE Comes to the hamilton County GOP
While most of the attention at the 6/24/13 Cincinnati Budget committee meeting focussed on allocating more money for the Cincinnati Streetcar another vote DIDN'T take place.
Kid Monzel & his sidekick Greg Hartman vowed to stop Federally mandated sewer repairs and threaten the employment of who knows how many workers & incur all sorts of fines & higher prices after the City Council unanimously approved their onerous hard core liberal hiring rules proposed by the left of left Chris Seelbach. The kids got together & came out with a stop gap measure that they thought could get things moving again while they hammered out a new deal. Wendell Young, a Dumbocrip, was skeptical & not too trusting of the county Rebloodlicans. That's to be expected. But the bristling attack on the county Rebloodlicans by city council Rebloodlican Chuck the Windbag & Meta-Rebloodlican the SMLP was pretty, well, amusing.
So, now Seelbach & Monzel actually have to come up with something?
I'm thinking a tag team cage match with Smitherman & Winburn taking on Monzel & Hartman would be pretty cool.

Porktown Bizniz Courier story here

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