Thursday, June 27, 2013

$$ ~ OHIO ~ $$
I don't know what's going on in Columbus, but it seems like the Ohio legislature is hell bent on raising the cost of living and lowering the quality of life in the Buckeye State.
Rearranging taxes to regressively screw the working class while cutting taxes on business owners still punishes the business owners because they're consumers, too. Increasing the cost of home ownership is bound to attract new residents.
Besides their soviet style class war, they are going full steam on the gender war, too, again in soviet style. it's like they're hanging an iron curtain around Ohio. Forcing doctors to recite propaganda, nickel & diming women - wasting their time, putting doctors in their money grabbing crosshairs with insane fines, knee capping health care providers while funneling cash to their religionist cronies…..
This will create jobs and bring business to Ohio for sure!
While most of this is spearheaded by inbred Rebloodlicans, Democrip fuckwit Dale Mallory proposed a statewide ban on traffic light cameras & speed cameras. This, of course hikes the cost of traffic policing in townships & municipalities and squanders highly trained & skilled police personnel who must engage in dangerous and expensive street chases endangering all motorists and jacking up insurance rates to boot.
The state could have issued regulations & guidelines but, no, the baby goes with the bathwater in typical big government style.
Is increasing the cost of living, ramming religion down our throats, jerking people around and making the streets more dangerous really in Ohio's best interests?
Unfortunately, with the gerrymandering & election manipulating in the state, I don't see any way out of this shit except for mounting referendum after referendum - oh, wait - they've made that more difficult, too…..

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