Thursday, August 21, 2014

Choosing a Loser

I'm really torn. The HamCoDems had a primary & picked a guy, Sean Feeney to tun for Hamilton County Commissioner. The Republican incumbent, Chris Monzel ran unopposed.
Monzel pissed off a lot of people by thwarting the people's right to vote & concocting a half assed 'compromise' regarding an "Icon Tax", a move that also proved divisive socially.
So, looking vulnerable, the HamCoChair starts looking for more viable candidates to replace Feeney. Feeney refused to step aside and now Jim Tarbell, who ran a REALLY terrible campaign against Monzel, has stated he will run as a write in candidate.
Great. A split democratic ticket. A spit Democratic ticket didn't hurt Truman but Lincoln definitely benefitted from one.
As I write this, Tarbell hasn't even announced of his candidacy on FaceBook that he is in the race. Takes like 1 sentence? (I have been told he tweeted a notice)
Feeney is waiting for money and endorsements and doesn't appear to be campaigning.
Looks like Monzel, one of the failingest politicians in the world universe, has a cakewalk to re-election.
So, what to do? Do I vote for the kid who followed the democratic process? Do I vote for the more qualified but passively opportunistic Tarbell?
We're in this situation because Hamilton County Democrats were asleep at the wheel or Burke & Triantifilou brokered another sweetheart deal. Hamilton County should be able to do better. Even the winner of this race is going to be a loser.

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