Friday, August 01, 2014

Should Automobiles Come With Warning Labels ?

When ascertaining wether a person is an addict or not, asking the person if they have changed their behavior to accommodate their addiction. With the common automobile addict, he frequently won't go to places due to a real or perceived lack of parking for his car, regardless as to how easy it might be to get to said place via walking, riding a bike, taking mass transit or using a cab.
Add to this the health issues that driving can cause with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyper tension, obesity and other problems that come with the sedentary lifestyle of the motorist.
And to top it off, there's the possibility of death, dismemberment, and paralysis that can result from flying around at a mile a minute amongst a sea of other motorists doing the same thing.
Seems a large warning label posted clearly on the hood of every car in America is what we need to warn people of the potential dangers of this appliance.

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