Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rise of the Sex Machine

Since we last posted about the opportunity to use robotic sex workers on McMicken Ave., our researchers have been bombarded with more & more reports about the advances robots will be making in the near future in, most notably, the world's oldest profession.
Dude in New Zealand predicts that by 2050, VD will be rampant and robot hookers "of every ethnicity" will be roaming the dance floors of bars & discos. Mimicking sex is going to be a lot easier than navigating a dance floor….
NBR reports the rise of AI & robotics will increase unemployment and shrink the middle class even more. You won't have a job, joy riding in your car is going to get creamed with driverless cars. Movies are just going to be all CG using plots and scripts not much different than the formulaic tripe we get out of humorless Hollywood boardrooms today.
Face it, there's not going to be a whole lot to do except lie around screwing your companionbot all day. It's got a name, too, Technosexualism.
In this fairly NSFW video one can see a partnerless 'Roxxy' show off her moves. Nothing pornographic, but if you do watch this in a public place, be prepared laugh loudly & maybe pee your pants a little.
Roxxy appears to be the state of the art in sexbotics with an AI that allows her to interact verbally and she is also supposed to have moods. Great, just what a guy wants from a robot...
Her face isn't creepy at all…
You can get additional personalities
  • Frigid Farrah
  • Wild Wendy
  • S&M Susan
  • Young Yoko
  • Mature Martha
And she comes in 3 models, the cheapest being a quadruple amputee.
Then there's the male sexdroid Rocky, who is a one size fits all sorta thing. No quadruple amputee model.
There's no indication the sex machines are set up for homosexual compatibility.
But here's the deal with Rocky & Roxxy, there's no real pictures of them on the site. No videos showing a person interfacing with the bots. The website & videos suck for a business that's theoretically so tech savvy.
oh well, I guess he's got 36 years to get the dance floor navigation down.
One of the businesses looking to employ robots is the hotel industry. While currently just looking at room service & concierge functions, it seems this would be a great opportunity to engage the robo companion as well and it would only have to navigate hallways & elevators.
I wonder, if in the future, when your sexdroid's batteries crap out, using it anyway will be some taboo, sorta necro-technosexualism...

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