Sunday, August 10, 2014

Android SexBots on McMicken Avenue ?

creepy creepy people
While the Cincinnati police chief and the city councilwoman who proposed putting up barricades on McMicken Avenue to cut down on prostitution say the plan worked, snarky & snarkier laughed it off.
other plans are to humiliate Johns and make attempts to ruin their family lives.
Since legalization & regulation are off the table, how about replacing the fleshbags with shiny sex robots?
Easy to maintain (probably be a good job opportunity for old pinball machine mechanics), no STDs, no pesky unions, no lost souls…
What could go wrong?
Well, if the robots are still illegal, the fights between the hookerbots battling for turf could get pretty crazy, but hopefully that won't happen. Organizations that have a lot of clout in SW Ohio, like OCA, CCV, CO   , NA CP and the Baggers, who love to scream & complain and pass legislation without thinking about the consequences could make that happen, tho. Given CO   's paranoia about technology, they would probably terrify people with tales of whordroids built with guillotine apparatus installed. The NA CP would likely come up with rumors of spreading deadly diseases exclusively to black guys. The folks at CCV would probably want their own.
Maybe they would fly (can you imagine?) in Cleveland, but I don't think SW Ohio is quite ready for these things.

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