Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Much More Can Cranley Spend ?

Dude is nuts. He's looking at every way possible to derail the Cincinnati Streetcar that already has substantial investment but he's also wanting to spend more money to re-engineer a dangerous highway exit ramp that had been slated for removal 10 years ago.
Cranley's new ramp, conceived in a fairly Monzellian manner will only cost $35M and will not have much impact since there's another ramp about a mile down the road. The city does not have $35M but that's OK.
What's really killing the city however is the crushing cost of operating a streetcar @$3M/yr. Never mind that Cranley is the only person in the world who thinks construction of said streetcar is running behind schedule & over budget (wait - didn't he 'pause' work & squander about a million dollars??), what are the chances that this new interchange will be on time and on budget?
This is the guy the spending hawks chickens endorsed?

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